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GC Like Woah
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This community is an easy place to find all your GC news for the day. Instead of searching around message boards on sites, you can find all the articles, interviews, pictures, and other media in one convenient place. I update everyday, so you can always expect something new from this journal. And when there is no news..feel free to post all things GC including fanfics and graphics :-)

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_beyondtheface_All Billy Martin



1. All posts must in SOME way be related to Good Charlotte.

2. No posts are to be hateful. If you aren't a fan of GC and are here to badmouth them, don't even bother joining.

3. Gossip IS allowed to be posted, however, no one is to carry on about how much they dislike girlfriends. Ex: "Hilary sucks so much" etc.

4. All pictures and long posts must be put under an LJ cut..if you don't know how to do that, ask someone and we'd be glad to show you.

5. Most Important - Just have fun. Post as many articles, interviews, pictures, etc that you want. This journal is all about keeping people updated on the band, so add whatever you want. :-)

And thanks to one of my best friends and lil sister from another mother: ___benji_rapist for making such a pretty layout for me <3